A new take on renewable energy sources, at a glance.

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  • Fuels
    Biomasses etcetera.

    Our fuels have little or no impact on the environment.

    Plus, most combustion by-products can be sold as ready-to-use tiles of the production mosaic..

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  • Tailor made, truly sustainable solutions.

    Our plants can be scaled down to leave the smallest footprint possible, and up to suit the most demanding energy requirements.

    Ki Energy is thoroughly service-oriented; we take care of biomass and other waste locally, and turn it into sheer assets.

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  • Scientific partners

    INETI, Tubi-Tak

    Industrial partners

    Fincantieri, Turboden, Oka, Wartsila Italia, Hexion , Merloni Progetti, Merloni Progetti Ambiente

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  • Paving the new way.

    Ki Energy's mission is to change energy production and consumption patterns.

    Small scale, high efficiency plants minimize physical and carbon footprint while enhancing yield potential.

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A brand new collection of videos to experience the Ki Energy world at a glance.

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What is a Fluidized Bed?

The fluidized bed is a well established technology that has been put apart recently because of unsolved problems, and more efficient tecnologies developed for big scale, idrocarbon plants. Ki Energy did invest in solving these problems and in scaling the Fluidized Beds in small scale quality devices.

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There is very little competition on those products. No structured player on small plants is already established.

Biogas in landfill and in biodigestion. Biomass leftovers still have to be eliminated, bacterias have health problems, there are problems of leaking of landfills.

Fixed and moving grate combustors: Much polluting technology, with scarce control of the temperature of combustion, lower combustion efficiency, higher O&M costs

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Completed projects

Different plants located in Europe have been already built up on Ki Energy's technology and are operative.

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Quality certification

The certification of quality management system (regulated by the Standard ISO 9000 series) assures the capability of an organization (goods manufacturer or services provider) to structure itself and to manage its own resources and production processes in order to determine and satisfy customer needs (including the obligatory requirements by law).

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