• Pleasant architectural impact
  • Clean emissions and leftover
  • Fuel flexibility
electricity and heat

any kind of biomass (animal sludges, urban sludges, urban wastes, agri wastes, industrial wastes, chipped wood, seaweed…) and other fuels like bituminous sands, tyres, wastes… Large tolerance on fuels

Quantity of fuel necessary
12.000 tons/year (chipped wood) at 35% humidity to produce 8.000.000 Kwh/year

Engine Technology
steam turbine or Organic Ranking Cycle turbine, with limited use of water

Yearly operating hours

900 m2 x 14m height

Lignocellulosic biomass   Detected   Legal limit
Suspended particle   8   10
NOx   100-120   200
SO2   46   50
CO   38   50
N2O   9   n.l.
COV   2   10
Emission values expressed in mg/Nm3 with correction for O2 at 11%

ashes with characteristics allowing their use in cement and ceramic industry, road filling, etc… without concern for leaching

Temperature of combustion
850C at furnace level, 1000C at freeboard level

around 1 year from order confirmation, depending on legal authorizations and turbine availability

up to 25 MWe

Heat available for alternative use
around 4 MW/h

Typical utilizer
Municipality, farmer, breeder, industry needing heat or waste disposal, entrepreneur/investor in energy, energy service company…