Ki Energy realized plant can be extremely flexible, because it can be supplied by different combustibles as:

  • rice husk and dust
  • vegetables processing refuse parts
  • lignocellulosic biomass
  • olive bagasse
  • mais residuals
  • vine and olive pruning residual
  • poultry droppings
  • sunflower seeds
  • corn grain and silage
  • algae mill residuals
  • RDF (urban waste)
  • MBM (Meat bone Meal)
  • glycerine
  • tyres

Fuels employed in the fluidized bed combustor must be characterized by an humidity percentage lower than 15%. In case of higher values of humidity, biomass will be dried by dedicated dehydrators integrated in the plant.

For this kinds of combustibles and for all of them with an high content of sodium and potassium, is expected Ki Energy patented sands usage which are able to maintain properties requested from bed fluidization avoiding agglomeration.

15.000tons/year with a percentage of humidity of 35-40% is the previewed quantity necessary to produce 1 MW of electric power.