Ki Energy's technology has the advantage of producing value in the form of heat and power, while getting rid of the burden represented by many waste materials. This is a win-win situation.

Ki Energy's plants are tailor made in order to be adapted to any local situation, starting from the biomass availability and energy-heat requirements.

Ki Energy's plants can be extremely flexible in terms of combustibles:

  • RDF (urban waste)
  • MBM (Meat bone Meal)
  • glycerine
  • tyres
  • urban sludges
  • bituminous sands
  • plastics
  • rice husk and dust
  • vegetables processing refuse parts
  • lignocellulosic biomass
  • olive bagasse
  • mais residuals
  • vine and olive pruning residual
  • poultry droppings
  • sunflower seeds
  • corn grain and silage
  • algae mill residuals

Fuels employed in the fluidized bed combustor or gasifier must be characterized by an humidity percentage lower than 15%. In case of higher values of humidity, biomass will be dried by dedicated dehydrators integrated in the plant.

For this kinds of combustibles and for all of them with an high content of sodium and potassium, Ki Energy patented sands usage which are able to maintain properties reque's sted from bed fluidization avoiding agglomeration.

Ki Energy's piroliser can transform any kind of plastic material from hydrocarbon derivation, tyres, exhausted oils and lignocellulosic biomass.

Piroliser's Output depending on input fuel

Tyres with steel   Plastics   Wood Biomass   Wires   Used oil
35% liters Diesel*   75% liters Diesel*   35% charcoal   Diesel*   85% Diesel*
35% tons carbon black   3% Char   60% bio oil   metals  
12% steel
* High quality mixture of different types of liquid hydrocarbons, suitable for transport sector

Yearly Biomass consumption by technology/size

Tons (%humidity)   200kw Fgas   1Mwe FBC   1Mwe GAS   2Mwe FBC   2Mwe GAS   5Mwe FBC   5Mwe GAS
chicken litter       13.500 (30%)   On request   22.800 (30%)   On request   52.000 (30%)   On request
straw       10.600 (25%)       18.700 (25%)       42.500 (25%)    
pigs litter       12.250 (30%)   On request   21.000 (30%)   On request   49.750 (30%)   On request
urban sludges       10.750 (20%)   8.700 (20%)   19.200 (20%)   15.000 (20%)   43.500 (20%)   32.800 (20%)
urban waste RDU     On request   On request   On request   On request   On request   On request
Wood Chips   2.000 (30%)   11.800 (30%)   8.100 (20%)   18.700 (20%)   14.000 (20%)   43.200 (20%)   30.500 (20%)
Olive Bagasse       10.250 (20%)   8.500 (20%)   19.500 (20%)   14.500 (20%)   44.500 (20%)   31.500 (20%)
(granular rubber)
Fgas: Fixed Bed Gasifier (has 7000 hours/year operation), gas engine
GAS: Fluidised Bed Gasifier (has 7000 hours/year operation), gas engine
FBC: Fluidised Bed Combustor (has 7800 hours/year operation), steam turbine
The RDU composition varies a lot and the consumption levels should be only on request