Ki Energy has been created by an highly qualified management and technical team in the field of energy and environment research and development, with an international engineering and architectural experience in the promotion of hi-tech projects.

Ki Energy purpose is to contribute to renew ways and systems of production and consumption of energy. The long-term goal of Ki Energy is to become a leading international company in designing, installing, and operating large industrial or community scale Renewable Energy Systems for the production of heat, electricity, and fuels (hydrogen and others).

In those years Ki Energy is creating strategic partnerships based on project-oriented joint ventures and co-operative agreements, that integrate Ki Energy's know-how and design capabilities with management industrial manufacturing, construction, and general contractor capabilities.

Ki Energy believes in a diffuse generating system model, where energy is obtained by small plants with high efficiency. In order to achieve this goal, Ki Energy is active in several R&D projects about the following technologies

  • Biomass gasification systems
  • Biomass combustion;
  • Trigenerating systems that integrate several technologies in various configurations, such as ICE and small size turbine fed by syngas, absorption chiller and heat pump;
  • Pirosysis

Ki Energy's innovation strategy foresee the passage from the Research products and prototypes to the effective industrial reproducibility, through three steps:

  • Conception and tweak of the innovative project of the plant or system;
  • Model construction, prototype and industrial demonstrator;
  • Product industrialization and market introduction.