• Substitutes up to 15% coal with biomass
  • Cleans Nox
  • Keeps coal and biomass ashes separate
Gas rich of tar for reburning cycle in coal combustion furnace

Effects on Coal fed furnace
60% reduction of Nox, substitution up to 15% of the coal combusted with biomass or waste, increased efficiency

many kinds of biomasses (animal sludges, urban sludges, chipped wood, urban wastes, agri wastes, industrial wastes, seaweed …) and other fuels like bituminous sands, tyres, wastes…

around 8 months from order confirmation, depending on size

this gasifier can be scaled to be installed on coal plants up to 250 MWe

Typical utilizer
Electric Plant fuelled with coal

  • This product is the result of a join effort with Environment Protection Agency that will be certified in the next months. It uses the syngas for a special patented fluido-dynamic cycle of reburning in the coal furnace. The advantages are reduction of Nox, reduction of combusted coal, and higher efficiency in coal combustion.